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Workplace Identification and Safety Tagging


Site Safe Solutions

Save Lives, Reduce Risks, Protect the Brand, Enhance Compliance.

For a health and safety management company that provides first-class consultancy services and workplace identification and safety tags across the UK, get in contact with Site Safe Solutions. We have over 30 years of experience in working with a wide variety of sectors across the world to ensure statutory compliance and best practice. Our goal is to channel this knowledge accumulated over time into an independent service that is extremely detailed and invokes the highest possible standards at your company.

Through workplace identification and safety tags, along with specific consulting if needed, you can have peace of mind that your company’s equipment is fit for purpose, regularly inspected and complete with equipment tagging that provides clear and comprehensive information for its users. By using Site Safe Solutions, your company could save money with solutions recommended by us and also avoid potential future costs should something go wrong.

We always aim to take a collaborative and hands-on approach with clients, so if you require health and safety consultants or workplace identification and safety tags, don’t hesitate to get in touch







Our Background

Our founder Christopher Nix started his journey over 30 years ago in the health and safety industry with a major safety supplies company, operating within their Safety and PPE division and specialising in respiratory protection. After eight years gaining valuable knowledge in that market he joined Scafftag and entered the ‘equipment identification’ market, which proved to be his calling.

Over the last 26 years, his and our passion for identification has flourished, working with small businesses and large corporations alike across the world to provide expert advice on safety and compliance along with supplying top-quality workplace identification and safety tags for a wide range of purposes.

Get in touch with Site Safe Solutions to see how we can help make your workplace safer.

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Unparalleled Expertise

Our main goal has always been the same – to help businesses ensure compliance with high standards and best practice and ultimately to save lives. The experience over almost three decades in the industry means that we know exactly what optimal workplace safety provision looks like. That is why we are committed to channeling our know-how into a service that can help keep your employees safer, enhance your regulatory compliance and save your company money.


Bespoke Solutions

We believe strongly in collaborating closely with your company in order to provide workplace safety solutions that reflect practical needs and serve to augment efficiency. Devising site-specific solutions, along with providing expert consultancy on how to apply them, has been a key feature of our experience with small and large companies across the world.


Passion for Perfection

Site Safe Solutions sprung from a deep passion for providing the best possible standard of workplace identification and safety tags for businesses worldwide. The process of working closely with all companies, taking a hands-on approach with each and every practical problem, ahead of designing, creating and supplying a bespoke solution, is an enormously rewarding feeling.



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