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Christopher Nix - Safety Specialist/Designer

A successful, driven and high performing specialist in the equipment identification sector, Chris is the ‘hands on’ advisor you need to help you make your work place a safer place for you, your employees and your shareholders.

With over 30 years of industry experience across all industries and continents, Chris has a vast knowledge of supplying safety solutions and products to clients large and small.  With a solid consultative approach, he has a proven track record of delivering creative, positive, long lasting solutions for many types of work place equipment identification.  He is self-motivated, driven, ambitious and has excellent communication skills enabling him to connect with all levels within a client’s business.

What does he bring?

He brings a ‘passion’ for what he does which will impact positively on your operation.  He has worked with clients in industries such as Construction, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics, Food & Beverage and Marine.  Equally at home speaking to corporate Health & Safety Directors, Engineering Managers or the heads of small family concerns, his approach is very much ‘hands on’, creating a confidential, relaxed trusting environment where he will support, challenge and help you make informed choices to ensure your employees have a safer environment to work in.  He thrives in environments where he gets his hands dirty … such as walking a plant to review energy sources and de-energisation procedures or pipe line identification, running LOTO training sessions, designing bespoke equipment tagging solutions…in short, bringing his ‘passion’, twenty six years of industry experience and his creativity  into your work place!


His key skills that will help you and your business

  • Expertise in visual tagging and equipment I.D developed over 26 years
  • Developing design solutions custom fitted to your operation
  • Project management with proven record of delivery on time
  • Passion and understanding for equipment identification
  • Hands on, working with your teams to understand their challenges
  • Implementation and training to support engagement with your workforce

Consulting is the business of providing expert advice to a specific group of people. So what do consultants do? In a practical sense, they advise. They pull from their niche experience, industry understanding, and problem solving abilities to offer valuable advice to a specific type of client or group of people


 Full Day Consultancy Rate: £680 (excl. VAT & expenses where applicable)

Half Day Consultancy Rate: £350 (excl. VAT & expenses where applicable)


Health and Safety and Work Place Identification Consultancy Service

Your company could save money by adopting more efficient and updated health and safety measures. With our extensive experience of working with a number of sectors, we can give detailed, bespoke advice and practical solutions for the particular health and safety needs of your company.

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