Lock Out Kits & Bags

LOTO Kits and storage bags for all LOTO applications - keep everything safe and tidy!

Basic Lockout Kit for Electrical Equipment
Basic Electricians Kit
Basic Electricians Kit with 2 Red Safety padlocks
GVLO Kit with Gate Valve Lock Outs and 6 Safety padlocks
LOTO site bag for device storage
A basic starter kit for LOTO applications
Rugged canvas Lockout Bag
Personal kit with 2 hasps, 2 safety padlocks, 1 Key holder
Small Valve Mechanical Lockout Kit
Lockout Kit to cover all eventualities
Ultra Compact Lock Box for wall mounting supplied with 6 Padlocks
Ultra Compact Lock Box with 6 Yellow Safety Padlocks
Valve Lockout Kit for Isolating a wide range of valves
A combination lockout kit for mechanical and electrical isolations
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