Scafftag Scaffold Inspection Timer

( SIT7 )


7 Day LED Scaffold Inspection Timer

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Dimensions 92 mm height x 150 mm width x 16 mm depth

Manufactured from tough ABS the Scafftag 7 Day Scaffold Inspection Timer is designed to be fitted to existing mk1 standard Scafftag holders and when activated clearly shows the status of the Scaffold inspection frequency.  A series of flashing LED lights - dark green, light green, yellow and red indicate the point at which the Scafftag requires re-inspection.  When inspected, the timer is set for 7 days, and the lights will 'blink' as they countdown to the next inspection.  Once the inspection is due the timer 'flashes' red thereby warning all users that the inspection is imminent or overdue.  The unit comes with 3 x AAA batteries and this will power the timer for approximately 12 months with constant use.  

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