Wind Engineer Electrical Isolation Kit - Small

( 310172 )


This Win Energy Electrical Isolation Kit includes all the tools and devices you will need to safely isolate and neutralise electrical risks during wind turbine maintenance.

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Wind energy Lockout/Tagout kits provide critical tools for safer maintenance operations in wind energy applications.

  • The kits include all tools professionals need to lock out electrical energy sources and neutralise electrical risks during maintenance in wind energy applications.
  • Each kit is supplied with a convenient bag made of rugged nylon.
  • 2 x SafeKey Padlocks - Nylon, 38mm Plastic Shackle, KD (150342), 2 x SafeKey Padlocks - Compact, 25mm Plastic Shackle KD (150180), 2 x Miniature Circuit Breaker - Pin-out Wide-ABB-MS325 (149433), 2 packs x Rewritable Warning Tags - DO NOT OPERATE - EN (307665), 2 x Universal Mini Circuit Breaker Lockout (149514), 1 pack x Red Nylon Wire & Cable Ties 140.00 mm (196343), 1 x Large Lockout Pouch (050979), 1 x All Purpose Cable Lockout with Vinyl Coated Metal Cable - 2.44 m (050943)



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