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Every year thousands of workers are killed or injured across the globe while performing repairs or maintenance on industrial equipment or machinery.  Many of the accidents are caused by the uncontrolled release of energy.  In the UK and Europe, several regulations exist (PUWER 1998 & EU 89/655**) requiring that all energy sources are turned off and 'locked out' while machines are being serviced or repaired.  Our range of quality products will, when used properly, ensure compliance with these regulations and keep your workers safe.


   Respected Legal Requirements    

*UK Only : BS7671:2008 - Within the PUWER Regs (Provision and Use of Work Place Equipment Regulations, 1998) Regulation 19 states that; "Every employer shall ensure, that where appropriate, work equipment is provided with a suitable means to isolate it from all its sources of energy.  Every employer shall take appropriate measures to ensure that re-connection of any energy source to work equipment does not  expose any person using the equipment to any risk to his or her health or safety."

**Europe : EU Guideline 89/655 - specifies the minimum requirements concerning safety and health while using equipment.  Paragragh 2.14 states that "every piece of equipment must be fitted with clearly visible devices with which it can be separated from each and every energy source"

EN Norm 1037 related to the equipment's safety, defines the measures regarding the energy isolation of machinery and the power dissipation to prevent hazardous equipment re-energising.  It assures a safe and secure intervention within a risk-prone area.

European Directive CEE 89/655 outlines the minimum regulations for the safety and protection of employees when servicing industrial equipment.


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