Machine Lock Out Procedures



Take your Machine Lock Out Procedures to a 'new' level

Easily introduce, approve or edit, scale and communicate machine-specific, Lock Out Tag Out procedures

Having clear, easy to read step by step instructions for locking out equipment is critical to maintain your site safety.  Our Lock Out Tag Out  Procedure Writing Service delivers everything you need for this and includes;   procedure auditing, procedure creation, energy source tag installation and training on Link360 Software... in 3 easy steps...and we do it all for you!



1. Capture

Working with your local site personnel we will review your equipment, develop a clear understanding of the Lock Off process for each machine, identify all relevant hazardous energy sources and capture images of the key steps to be followed when safely and securely locking off the machine or equipment for maintenance, cleaning procedures or 'break-down' intervention. 


2. Create

Set up your equipment hierarchy, equipment types, locations and start creating your machine-specific lock off procedures.  Using the information from the 'capture' stage create A4 size procedures, accurately detailing all relevant equipment information, photographs, energy control points and their prescribed lock out steps.  The visual procedures also highlight the required verification steps, additional notes and shutdown, lock, tag and test sequences.  Company logos can be added to personalise the procedures.  Simply create, review and approve the procedures within the software and print and laminate the document ready for posting.


3. Post

Simply display the Lock Out Procedure on or as close to the machine as possible giving all authorised personnel clear concise easy to follow steps should they need to carry out a machine intervention.  Procedures can be regularily audited and changed via the Link 360 software if required


The software manages all your procedures easily through one single log-in.  Create, amend and review procedures and route them for approval or audit.  Immediately view procedures by facility, location or equipment type.  

 Pricing starts from as little as £35 per completed procedure (based on a quantity of 400 procedures,) but will depend on complexity and quantity to be created (minimum 10 procedures).  Annual subscription for the Link360 software would be £5.50 per procedure and again is based on quantity.  Initial procedure creation is a 'one -off' cost, amendments are included.  Subscription for secure server and all upgrades / maintenance is a rolling annual fee.  Contact us for further details or pricing.

07899 715557 or 01292 223810


Site Survey, Lock Out Procedure Writing Service and Inspection Software Service

Your company will improve your work place safety and potentially save money by adopting our Lock Out Procedure Writing Service.  Utilising  this cloud based Machine Intervention solution, producing clear written Lock Out Safety Procedures, will bring increased safety, efficiency and auditing control to your business.  

Contact us to arrange a free on-line demo or site visit.  The sky is the limit ...quite literally.


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