What Is Your Board For?

Before making any decisions about style and content, you need to nail down exactly what your work board is for. Is it to be used as purely a ‘storage’ area for your Lock Out devices or do you wish it to offer ‘storage and communication’ as well?

This could involve all manner of elements, such as displaying permits, other documents and communicating on-going information regarding machine lock outs. Wherever you work and whatever you need, Site Safe Solutions can design and produce something appropriate for your business.

What Do You Need to Store?

Whether you’re simply storing Lock Out devices or displaying important information to go with them, the first step is to create ‘shadows’ of the Lock Out devices that you wish to store on the board. That way, you ensure that everything has its rightful place, is easy to locate when needed and that nothing is misplaced. These shadows could be for:

  • Padlocks
  • Hasps
  • Cable Lockouts
  • Valve Lockouts
  • MCB Breakers
  • Isolation Tags
  • Any other devices you may wish to store


Are You Storing Keys?

As a business keyholder, you’re saddled with significant responsibility, especially when it comes to the safety and security of your staff and the machinery that they operate. Consider either fixed or portable Lock Boxes to store and manage padlock keys, depending on what your work requires. We can incorporate space for them into your custom workboards.


What Do Your operators /engineers need to Know?

When it comes to safety in the workplace, we know that communication is absolutely key. The more opportunities you can give your staff to communicate information, the safer and more secure your workplace is going to be and the more smoothly it will be able to operate.


A ‘whiteboard’ section, allowing employees to record details against machine isolations, is a great way to share information and, therefore, knowledge.

Magnetic Sections

Magnetic sections showing your plant schematics are an ideal way to highlight ‘permit zones’ or ‘hot work zones,’ increasing awareness around the operational processes of your workplace.

Process Boards

Looking for a solution to display information only? ‘Process Boards’ are the way to go – they allow you to lay out, in no uncertain terms, exactly how a certain operation is to be carried out and track progress accordingly.


To set colleague minds at ease and inform their decision-making, you may wish to display active permits or store permit books.


Streamlined, Lean Business Operations

The core value that informs all of our decisions, here at Site Safe Solutions, is that information and communication are the keys to a safe working environment. Extend this idea into Lean and 5S and you open up other shadow board-based possibilities, such as ‘cleansing stations,’ to store brushes, dustpans and mops, for example. These ensure the streamlining of your business operations and keep them running smoothly.


Fully Customised to Suit Your Business’ Needs

Don’t forget logos and branding! All of our boards are 100% custom-made, so you get exactly what you want in design, colour and size, keeping your workboards on-brand and in keeping with your professional environment. We can brand your boards with:

  • Company Logos
  • Corporate Colours
  • Mission Statements


What Boards Does Your Workplace Require?

At Site Safe Solutions, we can produce and deliver them for you, ensuring the safety of your workplace and the smooth operation of your workflow. More information about, as well as examples of, our work and shadow boards is available here. What can we produce for you? 


Call 07899 715557 or 01292 223810, or email us at sales@sitesafesolutions.co.uk for a free, no-obligation consultation and to place your order today.