Knowing which energy sources need to be isolated and how to implement that isolation, when necessary, is key to safer machine interventions in your workplace. 

As 75% of our knowledge is gained through visuals, being able to reference a specific ‘step by step’ guide for each piece of equipment is the first stage. Here’s how you can achieve that.


According to HSE, there are three basic rules to the proper isolation of equipment, in the event that maintenance work or cleaning are required without regular guarding measures in place. Adherence to these is key to keeping your workforce safe.


Power Source & Other Associated Hazards

The machine/equipment must, of course, be fully isolated from the power source (usually, but not only, electrical energy). The isolator should be locked in position and a sign or tag attached to clearly communicate that the equipment has been locked out. Other hazardous energies such as gases, steam, pneumatics, hydraulics and process chemicals should also be isolated and identified properly.


Locking Out

Site Safe Solutions provide a variety of options to ensure the effective locking out of your systems and equipment. These isolating solutions ensure that no re-connection to relevant power and hazard sources can occur without deliberate action.



Clear and effective signage must be in place, indicating that maintenance or cleaning are in progress, as well as laying out clear specific steps that are to be followed once the equipment has been shut down and disconnected from its’ power and associated energy sources.


What Do We Do?

Site Safe Solutions are experts in Lock Out, Tag Out solutions and custom work boards. Combining our expertise in these two areas, we are able to provide effective isolation solutions and digital, step by step instruction sheets that help communicate the isolation process clearly and efficiently.



In collaboration with the engineers in your team, we use Link360 Lock Out software to capture the key components of your isolation – by understanding how each piece of equipment works, identifying its energy sources and selecting the devices that would be most effective in isolating them from source.


Site Analysis

We identify and photograph all isolation points and detail the steps required to safely lock them out, before creating a full colour A4 Visual Lock Out Procedure document. This lays out and describes the steps to be followed in safely shutting down the relevant piece of equipment. At this stage of the process, we can also capture and record additional important information.


An Ongoing Reference Point

The completed A4 laminated documents can be displayed close to the machine/equipment or stored on a LOTO Wall Board for easy selection and reference when machine interventions are required. In addition, the Link360 software application allows you to easily keep all your safety procedures accurate, compliant, sustainable and up to date.


Easy Access

Being cloud-based, Link360 allows approved users to log in from any location to view, alter, report and share procedures between colleagues or facilities. This gives you a complete overview of all equipment Lock Out procedures across all sites, providing you with peace of mind while machine interventions are carried out. Your employees will be fully equipped with the relevant information and instruction that they need to effectively isolate machinery in a safe and secure way.

With around 30 years’ experience in the safety sector, Site Safe Solutions are experts in supplying effective Lock Out, Tag Out and Pipe Marking solutions, ensuring clear communication and safe operations for your workforce, and facility. Visit our online store today and see how our products can positively affect your business.