Proper marking and indication of the piping in your workplace is not only vital in keeping you compliant with governmental and industry regulations but also in showing your staff, visitors and customers that you care about safety.

There are various standards to which your business must adhere, all laid out in British Standard BS1710:2014

We’ll go through them in this blog post and break down just why they’re so important.



1. Basic ID Colour

Every pipe identification marker must adhere to one of a number of a basic identification colours, as laid out in BS4800:2011, which specify the pipe content group (i.e. Water, Steam, Oils, Gases, Acids & Alkalis, Air, Waste Effluents and Electrical Services)

2. Additional Safety Colour

If there are any additional safety warnings, such as “Warning,” “Fire” and, in the case of pipes carrying water, information describing the water source and/or quality, these should be displayed as a separate colour band.

3. Flow Direction Arrows

Understanding which direction, the pipe contents are flowing is crucial as this allows informed decisions to be made easily regarding the restriction of flow in the event of an emergency.

4. Supplementary Information

Any relevant supplementary information such as the fluid content name within the pipe, as well as the temperature, pressure and suchlike, can also be included on the marker.  Often these can be custom to reflect a specific product within the facility production.


British Standard BS1710:2014 pipe marking indicators








Why Do These Matter?


The highest priority of any workplace – above profit, above comfort, above workflow – must always be safety. No matter the piping in question, whatever it contains, it can pose a hazard to uninformed staff and visitors and present you with problems, both ethical and financial, down the line, should anything incident occur. Proper pipe marking shows your staff and others that you care about their safety, contributing to a better working environment and more productive workforce.


The simple fact is that proper pipe marking is a legal requirement, as demonstrated in British Standard BS1710:2014. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in hefty fines and worse, should something go wrong. These regulations are put in place for good reason – to keep staff, customers, the general public and emergency service members safe.


How Can We Help?


Combining our knowledge of the industry with our commitment to customer satisfaction, we can supply standard pipe markers in many forms or design completely custom pipe marking solutions that suit the needs of your business. Our materials are designed to withstand the rigours of industry and our unique climatic conditions in the UK, where both sunlight, dampness and service length can pose problems.  If you require assistance in selecting the correct markings, dimensions and quantities you may need then we can also help you achieve that.


Thanks to almost three decades of experience in the health and safety industry, we are well-placed to offer a complete consultancy service for businesses that require assistance with pipe marking. All of our installers are fully qualified and insured, allowing us to install pipe marking solutions on your behalf that suit your business needs and keep your facility compliant with the regulations.

We’ll help you promote a strong safety message in your workplace, easing the minds of your staff and ensuring that necessary compliance is adhered to. For any and all advice and guidance on how best to solve your pipe marking issues, no matter what you do or don’t know about the topic, be sure to get in contact with Site Safe Solutions Ltd, for comprehensive service.