Work Boards & Shadow Boards

Optimise your Lock Out Tag devices management and storage

Lockout Tagout reduces accidents during machine interventions.  Make sure employees can easily access the tools they need to isolate machinery from its' energy source. Shadow Boards  can help to optimise workplace control and distribution of lockout devices such as padlocks, hasps, breakers and permit procedures to communicate on-going work around your plant.



Lean Lock Out / Tag Out

Dedicated Lockout Tag-out drastically reduces the time needed to look for the right tools in your work place. Well placed Shadow Boards help to communicate work permits regarding on-going maintenance involving machines.  The Shadow Boards clearly indicate which lockout devices are in use and allow you to store others clearly and in line with the principles of lean manufacturing and 5S.




Customise - let us do the work

At Site Safe Solutions we let you decide what you want to display on your board.  We will work with you to decide which devices, document holders and 'writable' white board areas you might need.  You decide what text or messages you might want to display.  We will send back a customised shadow board concept for your approval.




Reduce accidents

Dedicated Lockout Tag Out Shadow Boards will increase the effectiveness of your Lockout / Tag-out  programme.  Aimed at reducing incidents or accidents in your workplace, when on-going isolations, lockout devices and padlocks are visible and immediately available, employees have all the more reason to follow the prescribed lockout procedures and thereby enhance your site safety. 





















Contact Site Safety Solutions for further information or to arrange a consultation to discuss your new Work Board solution

Work Boards / Shadow Boards Consultation and Design Service

We have designed and supplied many many boards for clients around the UK.  Manufactured from 19mm thick Foamex Board our boards are ideally suited for wall mounting (although we can supply mobile units as well ) and can be printed with logos and photographic quality images.  These are high quality, professional boards unlike some of the 'cheaper' acrylic alternatives on the market.  Please get in touch to discuss.


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