Worker ID


In today's industry we rely more and more on temporary contractors often with multi language issues.  Knowing who they are and how to treat them in the event of an accident or incident can be a challenge.  Worker ID products from Vital ID allow workers to carry their critical and potentially lifesaving identification on them at all times.  They tags provide first-responders with fast, simple access to pertinent medical information as well as emergency contact details onsite.  For injured workers quick access to key information has proven essential time and time again.  

Worker ID tags provide fast, appropriate medical assistance and knowledge that their families or loved ones are notified quickly of their situation.


Vital ID Worker Emergency Tag

Helping save lives by immediately accessing essential medical, allergy, medication or contact information in event of an accident

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Vital ID self adhesive Helmet ID without window
Vital ID self adhesive Helmet ID with window
Vital ID self adhesive Induction Helmet ID labels (pack of 25)
Vital ID Universal Fit ID Tag
Vital ID self adhesive Helmet ID with window - Global Use
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