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Workplace Identification and Saftey Tagging Products 

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Site Safe Solutions are a highly professional health and safety management company based in Scotland.  We provide first-class workplace safety solutions using workplace identification and safety tags for companies across the UK.  Our experience from working with small companies and large corporations across the world for almost 30 years places us in a unique position to provide targeted practical advice and solutions to ensure compliance and best practice for a wide range of purposes.

If your company requires first-class workplace identification and safety tags or consultancy regarding workplace safety solutions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Site Safe Solutions.

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Our Consultancy Service

We have years of experience in serving as safety consultants for companies, giving professional advice on a wide selection of issues. Whether your company wants a general safety assessment of their site equipment or a more specific consultation on a particular issue such as pipe markers or Lock Out Tag Out solutions, we have the requisite experience and knowledge to provide clear, bespoke advice that offers practical solutions.



Workplace Identification and Safety Tag Products




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Visual Tagging & Custom Solutions

We provide best in class industry leading visual tagging systems to suit a broad range of equipment and industries. We have a comprehensive range of both standard ‘off the shelf’ solutions as well as our design offer where we will consult, design and deliver a custom, purpose built solution for your business. Workplace identification and safety tags are there to communicate a safe and clear message for the users in order that they can make informed choices rather than make assumptions.

These tags are industry proven, robust and fully resistant to water and oils, so if you require bespoke equipment tagging that will improve efficiency and potentially save you lives and money, look no further than Site Safe Solutions.

  •  Scaffolds, Towers & ladders
  •  Working at Height
  • Tools and Small Equipment
  • Custom Solutions
  •  Work Space Control
  •  Valves, Isolations & Pipeline
  • Plant, Vehicles, Machinery and Tools


Lockout Tagout

Employing the correct and updated Lockout Tagout solutions will safeguard your workforce from exposing themselves to hazards due to unexpected energisation. We offer hundreds of different devices to meet a wide series of requirements. Along with traditional padlocks, Site Safe Solutions supplies ball valves, butterfly valves, Lockout solutions for energy and electrical risks, and much more. We can also provide detailed advice to your company on best practice for Lockout solutions.  

  • Padlocks
  • Electrical Lock Out
  • Hasps & Tags
  • Lock Out Kits & Storage
  •  Cable Lock Outs
  • Mechanical Lock Out
  • Compressed Air Lock Outs
  • Visual Lock Out Procedure Writing


Pipe Markers and Valve Tags

Many businesses transport hazardous substances through pipework as part of their process.  UK and European Law states that all pipes transporting hazardous substances must be clearly marked to show the hazard within and the flow direction.  Having pipes clearly marked with European or British Pipe Markers showing content and flow direction not only keeps you compliant with UK and EU law but enhances the safety around your site, ensuring that all are informed and have clear information to work with. Adding valve tags from our workplace identification and safety tags range further enhances your site safety.

  • Pipe Markers with/without Text
  • Pipe Markers with Legend
  • Custom Pipe Markers

  • Valve Marking
  • Pipe Marker Accessories



Work Boards / Shadow Boards

If you are an engineering or construction company that requires a large amount of lockout equipment, using a workforce shadow-board is absolutely essential. A work board means that all your LOTO devices can be stored securely, safely allowing you to keep everything together in one place, as opposed to having them scattered across the site.  It also clearly shows which devices are in use and where and why they are in use.

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Inspection Software

Using paper for inspections has several downsides such as the threat of documents being affected by rain, lost or destroyed. Our digital software system, accessed via an app on a tablet, enables you to inspect scaffolding by scanning tags, which in turn opens up an inspection worksheet. Through this worksheet you can record, compose and then submit client reports from one centralised, easily accessible digital location, helping your company to save time and optimise productivity.






 Workplace Identification and Safety Tags in UK


Lock Out Procedure Writing Software

Our Lock Out Procedure Writing Software serves as another key aspect of our inspection software offer. Allowing you to create machine specific LOCK Off procedures via a simple process on a tablet, this service is geared towards ensuring that all affected personnel have clear safe use information at the point of use via full colour, detailed and descriptive laminated 'step through' instruction guides.  Using this software as part of our workplace safety solutions offer will further enhance the safe operation of your employees, equipment and business.



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