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Site Safe Solutions is a highly experienced health and safety management company providing an expert consultancy service as well as workplace identification and safety tagging solutions, to companies across the UK.  Utilising over 30 years of experience in the safety industry, we are committed to converting our knowledge into a streamlined, highly attentive service that meets the needs of your company.  Our primary goal is to optimise safety through ensuring that work place equipment is fit for purpose and regularly inspected, with workplace identification, safety tags and services in place, delivering clear information for all users.

For a professional service that is passionate about providing high-quality consultancy and designing workplace identification and safety tags, get in contact with Site Safe Solutions.



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Employers who invest in their employee’s safety, who strive to ensure that everyone goes home at night safely to their families, help create an engaged, valued and productive workforce. Through Site Safe Solutions, our comprehensive service helps your company establish a positive environment and helps to mitigate the expense and pain should something go wrong.



Working with clients across the UK to improve work place safety

Based in Scotland, Site Safe Solutions caters for companies across the UK. We provide a service that is particular to the needs of your workforce, so get in contact with us and we can work on arranging a service that suits you.

We cater to a large number of sectors including Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Marine and the Construction industry. All of our products and services are designed to make your work site safer through identification.

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