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Unlike many 'on-line' suppliers, ours is very much a 'hands on', 'collaborative approach'. Having worked in both the 'corporate' and 'private' sector for years, we can adopt the best of both worlds.


How to Ensure That You Properly Isolate Your Equipment

Knowing which energy sources need to be isolated and how to implement that isolation, when necessary, is key to safer machine interventions in your workplace.   more  

What Do I Include on My Custom Shadow Board?

At Site Safe Solutions, we’re all about marrying safety with customisation. We produce custom work/shadow boards, for a variety of uses, in businesses across a variety of sectors. ...  more  

Why is Pipe Marking So Vital to Your Business?

Proper marking and indication of the piping in your workplace is not only vital in keeping you compliant with governmental and industry regulations but also in showing your staff, ...  more  

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